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The ultimate super app, bringing together AI-powered personal assistance, a dynamic developer ecosystem, and a robust social-driven token economy.

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Super Groups

The revolutionary way to connect people and realize transactions.

Exclusive Groups

Access special paid groups for deeper connections with content creators and fans.

Confidential Chats

Enjoy encrypted communication for business discussions, keeping sensitive information safe.


Monetization Freedom

Empower your content creation with the ability to monetize on your terms.

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Free Speech Platform

Mobilize for change without censorship through secure groups that protect privacy and free speech.


Financial Security

Protect your professional transactions from fraud, ensuring safe and direct exchanges.

Enhanced Networking

Leverage organized, private connections for greater productivity and stronger professional networks.


All possibilities - One app



Swap, send, and manage your crypto assets.



We have all the features you need to connect with friends, family and fans.



Find information and execute actions quickly and easily with AI.



Video and voice direct call with your contacts.


Files Coming Soon

Storage files with security and privacy of web3.


Inbox Message Coming Soon

Send and receive messages like emails.

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  • NFT Support
  • Referral system
  • AIDA improvements
  • AIDA AI Agents
  • DieFi
  • SuperDapp Premium
  • AIDA on Chats and Super Groups
  • dApp Browser
  • Integrations with Zapier, Travala, and more.
supr token

SUPR the SuperDapp token!

The SUPR token fuels SuperDapp, driving engagement & innovation. Listed on DEX & CEX, it ensures seamless transactions & community empowerment.

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Unlock a world of possibilities!

Download the Superdapp now and enjoy all its benefits in the palm of your hand. Your journey towards enhanced networking, secure communications, and personalized profit awaits!

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SYS Labs

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About Us

Behind the SuperDapp product stands SYS Labs, a spinoff from Syscoin. SYS Labs is a venture builder dedicated to laying the foundational layers of Web3 technology.

Leveraging the robust infrastructure of the Syscoin ecosystem, which harnesses the security of Bitcoin and offers unparalleled data availability and scalability through rollups, SYS Labs is at the forefront of driving innovation and growth. with the expertise and support of SYS Labs, SuperDapp has been brought to life, promising a transformative user experience and contributing to the continued expansion of the ecosystem.

As SYS Labs continues to pioneer advancements in Web3 technology, SuperDapp stands as a testament to its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the digital landscape.